What is Rancho Mama Loo.mm?

Mama Loo.mm is a 13-acre eco-friendly property where we are currently living off-grid, utilizing efficient alternative sources of energy, recycling our black and grey waters, as well as reusing rainwater through the optimization of irrigation practices. Composting and recycling our waste as well as using biodegradable, natural, and organic products we are paying special attention to the local environment and we are living green.

We are strongly committed to the preservation of the local ecological status of the land in this area. In order to protect and to ensure a healthy sustainable environment for the future we are paying close attention to the natural ecosystem and the underground rivers that feed the Yucatan peninsula.

Our Vision: To promote the experience of the earth’s harmony, peace, natural joy, and love.

Our mission Statement: To offer a sacred space, where together we can deepen our awareness of the earth’s energies and continue to grow our earth-centered spirituality. Promoting profound presence, inner peace and tranquility.


If you would like to organize a group retreat, family reunion, a corporate event, camp with us, or to arrange for a temazcal experience, click here.
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