Why visit Rancho Mama Loo.mm?

Rancho Mama Loo.mm offers an incredible experience for those who choose camping in an organized, yet natural environment.

Mama Loo.mm is perfect for the international and local tourists searching for a safe and peaceful escape from noisy and hectic cities.

We offer an ecological, earth-conscious, quiet and safe place designed for those that are spiritually enlightened and looking for a personal wellness experience.

Mama Loo.mm is an alternative setting for groups and organizations looking for a place for meetings or retreats.

We know that there is a recent trend for meaningful vacations and we have designed our facilities with great appreciation for the land, in hopes that all those wishing to visit will enjoy the peacefulness and comfort of Mother Nature.


What is available at Rancho Mama Loo.mm?

The Palapa Grande- Recreational Pavilion-

This 460 sq foot classic Mayan roof structure with cement and wood inlay floor, together with 460 sq ft of open air hardwood decking is available for workshops, yoga classes, meetings, gatherings, parties, and meals.

Natural Stone Fire Pit -
Available for traditional campfire gatherings, and for real hardwood BBQ style cooking.

Open air Mayan style kitchen-

We have combined the tradition of Mayan open air cooking on wood burners with modern day gas burners where we will combine native cooking methods with common practice cooking. The kitchen is available to guests, on a self serve basis or we can arrange for Yucantan style cooking, and home made meals to be prepared for your group.

The Bath House-
This 500 sq foot Mayan roof structure bath house complete with hot and cold crystal clear water pumped from the fresh water aquifer which lies 12m below the surface. The bathhouse contains separate men's and women's showers, toilets, sinks, and changing areas.

10- Beautiful campsites carved from the natural low jungle landscape come complete with fire pits, cut firewood for burning and Yucatan style hammocks to provide the ultimate relaxation experience.

Upon request we can provide guests with our "barely roughing it" package which includes tents, air mattresses, 100% organic cotton sheets and duvets.

Swimming Pool-
After your temazcal experience plunge into our 4' deep x 15' in diameter pool filled with crystal clear water pumped from the fresh water aquifer which lies 12m below the surface.

Walking Nature Trails-
Mama Loo.mm has artistically carved trails from the jungle and has identified over 55 species of trees, 35 species of plants as well as numerous species of birds and butterflies. Together all of this provides a spectacular seeting for contemplation, solitude, or just plain getting back to nature while enjoying the sites and sounds of pure nature.

Botanical Garden, Cenote-
Our 35 m. in diameter cenote is partially filled with many of nature's earth's jewels, as a result of thousands of years of the earth's natural movements, wind, and hurricanes and has become what locals call a "chorchal" (kor-ch-al). 3m below the ranch's surface we have created a charming botanical garden, a quiet place to connect with the power of limestone walls, and internal water holes.

(Cenote, (say-NOH-tay) called dzonot (ZO-note) by the ancient Maya were defined by the Motul dictionary, a dictionary of Mayan hieroglyphics, as "abysmal and deep" or "hole filled with water". Cenotes are formed when the roof of a cavern collapses due to erosion. The level of the water also contributes to the creation of cenotes: if it is too low, it does not provide enough support, which causes the roof to weaken and cave in.

The depth of each cenote depends on the amount of natural debris that has accumulated through erosion in addition to the remains of the roof that collapsed. The water that gathers in these amazing natural wonders is a crystal clear turquoise color with a very pleasant temperature of 78°.)

Temazcal or Indigenous Sweat Lodge-
Crafted from the regions natural limestone our igloo-like structure can seat up to 8 guests. The temazcal ritual is based on traditional healing methods used by indigenous Mexicans in which the properties of fire and water are combined to purify the mind, body, and soul.

The tradition of the temazcal. From pre-Hispanic heritage, Mexicans have recovered a ritual ceremony that was celebrated among indigenous cultures as a therapeutic cleansing. In our days, this steam bath has been taken up with the intention of experiencing the magic connection that has been forgotten and that exists in the Earth and in all parts of our being. Volcanic rock is heated until red-hot and is placed in the center of an igloo-type construction, where the group reunites.

During this ceremony, the group gets comfortable inside the temazcal and the stones are called for. The door is closed, sealing off all light and sealing in the heat. Herbs are thrown on the stones to create a curative vapor, heating the temazcal to even higher temperatures. The body may reach a temperature of 104°F ó 40° C during the temazcal.

Bird Watching -
Some of the birds you are likely to see around the ranch are the Keel-billed Toucan, the Turquoise-browed Mot Mot, and Golden-fronted Woodpecker amongst others. You can bird watch on your own, or we can coordinate a package with local aviary expert Luis.

Also Available -
Mayan fire rituals, Yoga classes, Reiki sessions, Digestive system cleansing, Oneness Deeksa blessing, and traditional Mayan healings are more of what is available at Mama Loomm.


The Neighboring attractions include:


The natural wonders of the Yucatan Peninsula
are countless, but some of the most unique to the area
are the cenotes. Cenotes are created by an underground river system and are fresh water sinkholes that
the Maya considered to be sacred.
In addition they were an incredibly important fresh water source, and the Mayans also believed they were the entrance to the underworld.

* Millions of years ago, the ocean covered the Yucatan Peninsula. Some 15,000 years ago, during the last Ice Age, the sea level descended approximately 250 feet.

For thousands of years, the porous land surface, formed by fossilized coral and limestone, had filtered rainwater which dissolved parts of the subsoil. This process created a system formed by flooded underground rivers and caves. This phenomenon is truly unique, and makes up the largest network of caverns in the world.

  • Selvatica - Zip line park
  • Local store, and Delfina's embroidery shop
  • Mayan Sky where you can rent horses or ATV's for the day, is just a short jeep ride toward the west
  • Tulum - a short 2.5 hour drive away
  • Chichen Itza - recently voted one of the new 7 wonders of the world is just a 3 hour jeep ride away

Cenotes for swimming:

  • 3 Bocas Cenote
  • Verde Lucero Cenote
  • Boca del Puma Eco Park

Mama Loo.mm Retreats -
We can provide you with a planned, themed retreat for parties of 6 to 20 assisted by local Mayan historians, shamans, local meditation, reiki, and Oneness Blessing-Deeksha masters.

Workshops, Experiential sessions, scheduled nature walks, cenote tours, massage sessions, and temazcal cleansings are among the additional services we can provide for your group.

Home Made Meals-
On request local ingredients will be purchased daily and fresh and healthy meals will be prepared using ingredients grown by local farmers and fishermen.

Please inform us of any special dietary or health needs.

Medical Service -
Doctors are available only 15 minutes away in the town of Puerto Morelos. Additionally, Cancun's state of the art Galenia Hospital is just a 45 minutes drive from Mama Loo.mm.

Safety is a priority at Mama Loo.mm, we have a staff of great camp facilitators who will be available for your needs.

We surround ourselves with positive energetic people looking to give you the best possible nature experience.

So... sit back, relax and be nature's guest, we'll do the rest.

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